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Metal Finishing Services 

Sky Metal Finishing Ltd provide added value services and finishes, ensuring they can meet the performance requirements of the most demanding specifications and widest customer needs 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd use the latest environmentally friendly, high performance passivates based on Trivalent Chromium. Cr3 passivates are available in blue, iridescent and black colours. 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd continue to support a number of industries that specify chromate films based on Hexavalent Chromium. Cr6 chromates are available in yellow and olive drab colours. 
Seals, Topcoats & Lacquer 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd apply a range of inorganic and organic polymer based post treatments. When applied to passivates and chromates, they improve overall performance and ensure deposits meet the needs of the most demanding environments 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd recognise that some high tensile steels can be susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. They offer a specialist de-embrittlement service, which is a heat treatment process carried out after plating 
Salt Spray Testing 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd operate salt spray testing as part of their quality assurance systems. A popular method of accelerated corrosion test, Sky Metal Finishing Ltd procedures conform to recognised International standards such as ASTM B117. 
Thickness Measurement 
Sky Metal Finishing Ltd understand the importance of process control and monitor the plating thickness of each batch. They use the latest portable thickness measurement gauges and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) equipment. 
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