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Zinc Plating - The Ultimate in Zinc Electroplating 

Sky Metal Finishing Ltd are leaders in zinc electroplating, which is a popular choice for engineers and manufacturers that need cost effective corrosion protection for their components. 
Zinc is a naturally occurring element and one of the most widely consumed metals. Protecting iron and steel from rusting is one of the main applications for metallic zinc, because of its inherent ability to form corrosion by products that significantly reduce the corrosion rate of ferrous metals. Sacrificial protection is a significant advantage of zinc plating, which continues to protect the underlying metal component from rusting even if the zinc layer has been damaged. 
Zinc plating is an electrolytic process that passes electric current through a zinc salt solution, resulting in the formation of a hard metallic zinc layer onto metal surfaces. Sky Metal Finishing Ltd operate alkaline zinc and acid zinc plating, with bulk production in rack and barrel lines that provide flexible processing options for customers. 
Improved Performance: Zinc plating performance can be further enhanced by the use of post treatment processes which provide colour, abrasion resistance and improved corrosion protection. Sky Metal Finishing Ltd offer an extensive range of post treatments including trivalent passivates, seals and topcoats. 
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